Semillon Unlocked! Rare & Collectable

For the Semillon fiend...

2 x Museum 2009 Stockhausen Semillon
2 x 2019 Stockhausen Semillon
2 x Briar Ridge Vineyard etched Scott Zwiesel stemmed glasses
1 x Handout elaborating on the vintages included and a 'How-To' guide

Enjoy a vertical tasting of your own as you compare and contrast between back vintages and the current.
Whether you are new to the art of cellaring or would just like to add a few more bottles to your stash, you can explore two vintages now and continue-on with the education in years to come, by putting the other two bottles down.
This is our finest varietal expression…Wine is art in a bottle; constantly ageing, evolving and changing.

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Semillon Unlocked! Rare & Collectable